Making a Fashion Statement With Wood and Resin Jewelry.

February 25, 2016

Making a Fashion Statement With Wood and Resin Jewelry.


If you are sick and tired of wearing the same old mass-produced, costume jewelry or the more delicate but identical diamond, gold or silver pieces, why not try something completely different and exciting and make an individual fashion statement?


Wood and resin jewelry is unlike anything else you have ever bought before and will continue to fascinate you as you wear it. The unique, pretty, multi-faceted and swirling colors will captivate you as well as the many admirers of your statement piece.


This kind of jewelry is carefully, gently and lovingly handmade and each piece normally varies slightly from one to the other so you will always know that your particular pendant, necklace or ring is uniquely your own. In addition, what adds to the exclusivity of your wood and resin jewelry is the fact that each piece of wood is one-of-a-kind and has its own individual look and patterns. It is also almost as if each piece tells its own beautiful story: your story. Your wood and resin jewelry can therefore be the ideal conversation piece or icebreaker!


In terms of how to wear your wood and resin jewelry, these pieces can be easily mixed, matched and worn together or alone, depending on how you feel or what you are wearing. Because they are very elegant-looking, they add sophistication and style to any outfit.


Wearing them with a smart or corporate outfit can add a touch of color and personality, whereas if you want to dress up a casual look in a minimalist yet chic way, this is perfect.


With the highly impressive impact you can make with your wood and resin jewelry it is no wonder that with it you can easily make an amazing fashion statement!


About Artful Resin.


 Artful Resin is a leading online store selling an exquisite collection of unique wood and resin jewelry.


At Artful Resin, we fully understand how difficult it can be to find beautiful, uncommon and rare pieces of jewelry both online and locally. We offer you a wide selection of sought-after wood and resin jewelry that has been individually and lovingly handcrafted in our workshop here in the south of Norway.


Whether you buy one of our necklaces, pendants or rings, you can be assured that no one else will be wearing the same item as you!


Founded by husband and wife team, Tor and Tania Johansson, Artful Resin was born out of a desire to create stunningly beautiful works of art out of fine wood working processes. With Tor having over 20 years experience in the fine woodworking field and Tania having a strong creative design and writing background, Artful Resin has become a great success and we are highly passionate about designing one of a kind pieces of jewelry for our clients to wear and enjoy.


Investing in our wood or resin jewelry is a great idea because the colors mix, match and work incredibly well together, alone as well as with any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you dress it up or down, you can comfortably wear our resin or wood jewelry every day for a highly personalized look and proudly stand out from the crowd in a wonderful way.


Artful Resin also specializes and loves working on custom designs. In addition, we can also create a unique item for you out of a special piece of wood that you already have. Simply contact us and we will revert with a custom quote.


With excellent customer service, superior quality and reliability being the cornerstone of everything we do here at Artful Resin, the inspiration for our designs come from beauty that is all around us: a gorgeous blue sky with wispy clouds drifting by, a luscious green field sprinkled with wild flowers or even the fiery glow of sunset.


Our convenient online store means that you can shop safely and securely anywhere, anytime and we accept PayPal, credit card, debit card and bank transfers (for UK residents) as payment methods.


On a personal note, Tor and Tania have recently had their first baby- a beautiful little girl- and are currently looking towards their future dream of building their family, having time for their family, the freedom to live and work where they want, the best childhood and education for their children (as they definitely plan on having more babies!) and for their work to be fulfilling.

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